Lighting the way forward… the IBEX way.

Welcome to Ibex, where every morning our passion sees us arriving at work before first light… on a mission to ensure you achieve your ultimate lighting outcome.

As New Zealand’s leader in commercial, architectural, roadway and urban lighting – we are the problem-solvers, innovators, creators and collaborators trusted by some of Australasia’s largest organisations.


To ensure you achieve your ultimate lighting outcome, our team of problem-solvers, innovators creators and collaborators will work alongside you – to ensure your project’s success. Discover lighting, the IBEX way…


Our experienced sales team are committed to ensuring our solutions and service exceed your expectations at every level. With a single point of responsibility, we’ll take ownership of your project and work alongside you with a collaborative approach from day one. And because we’re genuinely caring and consultative by nature, we’re not simply order takers – so we remain connected with our clients throughout the process and take every opportunity to harness the power of our collective experience and problem solving abilities to ensure you achieve your project’s objectives.


Our experienced team are on a mission to ensure you achieve your ultimate lighting outcome. With respect, integrity and agility, we’re committed to making the process easy and effortless for you – while providing you with an unrivalled level of service.

Grant Currie


George Currie

Sales Coordinator

Kingsley Holt

Commercial Manager

Jeremy Strickett

Roadway BDM

Steven Sobey

Project Solutions Engineer

Jon Sobey

Operations & Quality Coordinator

Merritt Strickett

Solutions Engineer

Mike Peterson

Product Development Specialist

Ryan Groger

Account Manager

Shuai Fan

Solutions Engineer

Albert Smith

Marketing Coordinator

Seven Liu

Reasearch & Development Engineer

Thomas Hill

Warehouse Operator

Kerryn Sutherland

Project Coordinator

Gemma Litten

Financial Controller CA, BMS

Harold Los Banos

Solutions Engineer