Mangatawa Tari Office


Papamoa, Tauranga, NZ



Mangatawa Tari Office

Mangatawa Tari office is a stunning new administration building to accommodate staff of the Mangatawa Papamoa Blocks Inc (MPBI). Strategically sited on the northern slope of Mangatawa Maunga, this inspirational building design overlooks the incorporation’s lands, property and sacred mountain commonly called Mt Maunganui, traditionally known as Mauao.

A multi-award winning landmark facility, the design symbolises the local legend of three whales: Kopukairoa, Mangatawa and Hikurangi. Legend says that Mangatawa, the mother whale, was turned to stone on Papamoa Beach.

Inspired by the form of baby Kopukairoa’s tail, the new building holds a unique identity true to the culture and people of the land and marks the heart of the local Iwi Tauranga Moana and Te Arawa. IBEX worked with First Principles Architects and Form Building to design and build this stunning, iconic structure.

Lighting for this project needed to be discreet while emphasising the key elements of the design and architecture.

The three main Pou were illuminated by inground uplights and adjustable spots, concealed in the riverbed rocks and landscaping. Office spaces utilised recessed LED modules and downlights coupled with tracklights for illumination of both artefacts and wall-hung art. IBEX was also tasked with illuminating the roadway leading up to this architectural master piece.”