Innovative and efficient design principles, sustainability, and technology are fundamental elements in our carpark lighting solutions.
Elevate main arterial roadway lighting with Ibex. Discover our innovative solutions for safer and more efficient urban illumination.

We understand that our roads and highways are much more than transportation routes – they are the lifeblood that brings our people, places, and communities together, vital networks connecting our economies, fueling growth, and enhancing lives.

Road illuminated by ibex lighting solutions.

We believe in delivering transformative solutions that go beyond mere illumination. We merge performance, safety, compliance, and sustainability into innovative, tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of transport infrastructure.

Our solutions are based on a holistic mindset - we prioritize stakeholder collaboration and incorporate efficient design principles, sustainability, and technology into the heart of our designs. We formulate outcomes that blend technology and performance with longevity and deliver products designed to extend asset and maintenance lifecycles and stand the test of time.

As the lighting partner of choice for some of New Zealand's largest organizations, we have forged a proven track record and earned a reputation as an industry leader.

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