A grassy path at night leading to a grassy field illuminated by ibex Lighting.
A cycling path leading to a grassy field illuminated by ibex Lighting.

We understand the importance of pathway infrastructure in our communities — it enhances navigation, supports our community's well-being and enables sustainable transport methods. 

Milldale shared pathway illuminated by ibex lighting solutions.

Good path lighting is more than just illumination—it's about improving navigation, enhancing aesthetics and increasing safety and usability for pedestrians and cyclists.

We design and implement tailored lighting solutions with careful consideration of environmental impact to ensure our designs and products co-exist harmoniously with local ecosystems and the natural environment. 

Focusing on longevity and asset lifecycle, we deliver robust, sustainable, and future-ready outcomes that stand the test of time. 

With a well-established track record, Ibex has earned a reputation for delivering end-to-end solutions that balance performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness - we believe well-designed pathway infrastructure can transform our communities and contribute to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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