Discover Ibex Lighting's passion for outdoor infrastructure luminaire design and manufacturing. Explore our commitment to premium outdoor lighting solutions.

Our streets and roadways are more than transport routes - they serve as essential networks that fuel the growth of our communities.

Milldale community road intersection illuminated by ibex lighting solutions.

Lighting isn't just about illuminating our streets and paths - it's about enhancing safety and security, increasing aesthetic appeal, and contributing to more sustainable communities.

Our solutions are based on a holistic mindset - we prioritize stakeholder collaboration and incorporate thoughtful and efficient design principles, sustainability, and technology into the heart of our designs. We believe in delivering innovative, sustainable, and compliant solutions that enhance the safety and security of communities and improve the quality of life for their users and residents. 

Focusing on efficiency and longevity, we formulate solutions that ensure project efficiency and deliver products that extend asset lifecycle and stand the test of time.

Ibex has forged a comprehensive track record, earning a reputation as the industry leader. We are proud to say we are the lighting partner of choice for some of New Zealand's largest organizations.

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